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Hi I’m Lucy. Mother, wine lover, home cook, self-help enthusiast and business owner. I love a good inspirational book, a glass of wine (large) and before I had a baby, I loved to take my handbags out on a little jaunt somewhere (with my husband, of course). I have a beautiful daughter, Elsie May (born June 2014), an amazing husband, Andrew and a troublesome cat called Milo.


Conversations, insights and reflections.

Think of my blog as conversation amongst friends. The sort where you put the world to rights over a cup of tea at the kitchen table, or reminisce over a bottle of wine and laugh until you pee! (An unfortunate consequence of giving birth, I’ve discovered).

My writing ‘tells it how it is’. I’m honest and real. I try to find humour in the everyday, but admit there are times when there just isn’t any.

I also use my blog as a creative outlet for my long-lost love of poetry.

My beautiful daughter Elsie

My beautiful daughter Elsie

I put my consulting career on hold last year, to have my much longed for baby.

Now, I am finding my way, from baby brain to me again, through writing and blogging.

Please get involved, join the conversation; I love to hear your thoughts too.

Stick the kettle on, (or open a bottle of wine if it’s past wine o’clock) and take a read.

When life’s all about baby bottles sometimes you need one of your own.

My writing is also featured on The Huffington Post. If you are interested in working with me, I would love to hear from you.

My first post ‘nothing is ever the same after you’ve had a baby‘ was an early introduction.

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  • Aww, beautiful Elsie. She has wonderful eyelashes! I love your tag line… from baby brain to me again! I look forward to following your journey. xx

  • My previous post was lost; said something about it being spam. Hope this isn’t. Amazing how having a baby changes our lives, and what a fab outlet blogging is. Thanks for joining in with #SoMeBlogLuv (formerly #SoFAL); so lovely to have you.

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