• Gratitude, blogging, thanks

    If it wasn’t for you…

    Hello Friends, It’s been just over a month since I wrote my post on new beginnings. Thank you so much to everyone for their kind words and comments on that […]

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  • Priorities, New beginnings, reflection

    Birthdays, Priorities, New Beginnings…

    Birthdays are often a time of reflection. I find each year as my birthday comes round, especially as I get older, that it really makes me consider my priorities. Now […]

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  • Top Blogs of 2015

    My top blogs from 2015

    Top Blogs of 2015   Reflecting upon my first year in blogging, I’m sharing my top blogs from 2015. I took a quick look through some of my favourite blog […]

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  • shoe rack, storage solutions

    Using your voice for good

    Conversation is therapy. It connects you to the world and the people in it. It helps you share thoughts and laughter; happiness and sadness; ideas and dreams. It helps you do this in a real way. Person to person, voice to voice.

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  • inspiration, parenting, mum,

    Don’t be a Robot: inspiration from a knackered mum

    Guilty as charged. I let myself get so wrapped up in surviving one moment to the next that I almost lost sight of myself. Life is what happens while you’re […]

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  • How to find happiness

    One simple thing you can do everyday to bring happiness

    My daughters favourite word at the moment is “cuggle”. I love it. A mixture of hug and cuddle, I like to think. Every morning when she wakes up, no matter […]

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  • How to suck at staying awake & staying asleep

    I don’t know about you, but my goodness, I am finding it hard to juggle everything life throws at me and stay awake beyond 8.30pm Seriously! What is all that […]

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  • The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Wine Drinking

    7 Habits of Highly Effective Wine Drinking

    I’m sure you’ll have heard of the famous original, by Stephen R Covey, who all the way back in 1989 published his book the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. […]

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  • Returning to work

    Returning to work: I’ve missed you…

    Some of you might have noticed that I’ve been a bit quiet over the past two weeks. I do hope you’ll forgive me! I’ve been going through a period of […]

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  • The curious thoughts of a mum in the night

    The curious thoughts of a mum in the night

    I was lying awake the other night (as I often do) due to my ‘bat ears’ (as my husband calls them) because as a mum, I hear everything. Every little […]

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  • Wine pricing, calories, hangovers, delicious, five things that suck about wine, bottlefor2.com

    Five things that suck about wine

    Five things that suck about wine   1. Wine is delicious Which is just so annoying if you are trying not to drink it. There’s a wine for everyone. For […]

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  • Why it's important to reflect

    Why it’s important to reflect

    One of the most incredible things you can do as a parent is watch your child interacting with someone other than you. It is easy to forget – day in, […]

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  • The super powers hidden in your make-up bag bottlefor2

    The super powers hidden in your make-up bag

    I had a very important mission today. It was to get to the shops and buy some waterproof mascara. A Mascara emergency, if you will. In my world, mascara is […]

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  • How not to go mental when your baby stops napping. bottlefor2

    How to Not Go Mental when your Baby Stops Napping

    You may expect several pearls of wisdom which will save your very soul. But actually, my title may be deceiving. It is a question and a statement, shouted in desperation […]

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  • Mourning Sunday Morning Bottlefor2

    Mourning Sunday Morning

    Sunday. The kind where you wake up feeling the effects of the night before, so you stay in bed a bit longer. You look at your phone to check facebook […]

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  • Risking it all for a sibling

    I have three siblings and they are amazing. They are inspiring, funny, clever, so beautiful (handsome) and I couldn’t love them more. We are all quite different in our own […]

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  • Life lessons to pass to your kids, by Bottlefor2

    The Big 5: Life Lessons to pass on to your kids

    When thinking about life lessons to pass onto my daughter recently, I got a bit overwhelmed. I’ve been a bit poorly this year, and it got me thinking: What if […]

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  • Mum skills from the 70’s

    Sometimes I dream about being a Mum of the Seventies, but I’d get arrested. If I was living in the 1970’s (according to my very limited family research) my baby […]

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  • The reason I never married Robbie Williams

    Back in the day, in my teenage years, my best friends and I loved singing.

    We also loved Take That.

    (For my American friends: Think ‘New Kids on The Block’; or for younger friends; ‘One Direction’)

    My two friends and I were actually pretty good singers and thought that maybe we could crack our way into showbiz one day, and become pop stars. (And meet Take That!)

    Back then, this was not a realistic goal at all. It was the era when record labels ruled the world and X Factor did not exist. There were no “make me a star, Simon” shows about in those days.

    There was no twitter or facebook. Pop stars were totally inaccessible. This made them appear even more famous because they were seemingly less real. Magazines and TV shows were the only way to learn anything about your “future husband” (ahem, Robbie Williams) *Translation: Mark Wahlberg/Harry Styles*

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